Always Changing

Mr. Tate is 6 months old!

This little boy gets the award for the most changed in 6 short months!  I will have to post some images at a later time of how his looks have changed.  This time he had to have a haircut before pictures!  Just look at all that gorgeous hair he still has left!  He is such a happy boy and goes for anything I put him in or on!  I just so enjoy seeing how he changes as he’s growing!

Whit Tate blog

McCulley Family

I love being able to shoot on location.  This old barn at the family farm made for a beautiful backdrop in this session.  Then when you add the fall colors, it’s just a win-win situation.  Just look at how everything just pops with color!  Oh, and the McCulley family?  They’re pretty fantastic, too!  🙂


Whit McCulley Family

The growing Churchill family

I had the pleasure of working with a family that I have worked with in the past.  This time I got to do maternity and newborn pictures.  One of the coolest things about being a photographer is seeing the whole process of a growing family.  Baby Gavin was one of the best babies I have worked with all year.  He must have known things are getting harder for me now with my pregnancy because he slept through 90% of his session for me and hardly made a peep!  It’s the little things that make a great session.

Whit Churchill blog

Eastyn 8 Months

This little guy sure was a trooper for his appointment!  I think he was a little under the weather cutting teeth, but I got some cute smiles of him anyway!  I guess it could have been his dad getting the smiles, and not me, but as the photographer, I’m going to take credit for them.  Ha!  We just have a good time when we’re in the studio with these guys.  And, seriously…look at those suspenders!

Whit Eastyn Blog

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Hi there! My name is Whitney Atwood and I am the gal behind the lens. I have a wonderful husband and adorable little boy who I get to share this wonderful journey called life with. I absolutely love my job and I believe that there is not a job out there more fun! I feel there is nothing better than an image to help us remember the past. You never know when your last day will be so live life to the fullest! Here are some completely random facts about me: - You will learn I am very random - ALWAYS! - Laughter is the best medicine in life and I do it alot! - I tend to be the last one in the group to get jokes - I love shells and cheese but hate cheese - go figure - Favorite color is pink - Canon 5D Mark iii is what is strapped to me - If I have the opportunity I love shooting outdoors
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