Christmas Minis and More!

Guess what I have been doing?  Editing, editing and more editing!!!  I decided it was pretty sad last night when I went in from working that my right hand was hurting from holding the mouse all day long.  On a positive note, Halloween is over so I no longer have to feel guilty for jamming to Christmas tunes in my office. HeHe

Quick announcement, though:  Christmas minis will be rustic themed and I will have sample pictures this weekend!  I personally can’t wait!


Christmas mini session pricing

Hannah & Ronnie <3

These two are high school sweethearts.  Aren’t they just the cutest?  They absolutely adore each other as you can tell from these pictures.  I love it when I have an engagement session and the happy couple just can’t quit smiling and goofing around.  It makes my job easy!

Lowe - Hyder Engagement



This girl has such a bubbly personality!  She was such a joy to work with and was up for whatever I could come up with.  Just like every senior session this fall, we dealt with a little wind which caused only a few problems with one dress.  Somehow we lucked out and her hair was perfect in most of the pictures despite the wind!  Seriously.  Pictures in the wind are not awesome, but this girl took it like a champ!


Jenna 2



Wow.  This girl!  Her personality is beautiful, and it shines in these pictures.  I am pretty sure she could cheer anyone up having a bad day.  Her smile is very contagious, and you can tell she is just all around a happy girl.  She even really enjoys winking.  Right, Allison?!? 😉



Holy cow.  It is so hard to believe that next year my sister-in-law will be in 8th grade…especially since I have been around since she was three!!  It is amazing how the years fly!  I can’t wait to take tons more pictures of this beautiful girl as she keeps growing!


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